Advantages of the Air Thermal Power heater:

  • Wide range of power: 2-20 kW
  • High maximum temperature: 950°C
  • Smooth and fast preheating: no overheating
  • Suitable for any extensions
  • Available in any power supply specifications
  • Compatibility with Al Clean range, Twiga and WattMobil

Air Thermal Power heaters are Lethiguel’s solution to aluminum furnace preheating. Based on years of experience in conductive electrical heating elements for the aluminum industry, we designed this powerful air heater for a quick preheating.

preheating furnace

Facing a problem with your temperature drop in your molten aluminum due to the low temperature in your transport ladle or holding furnaces? Then you will need to try our Air Thermal Power heater, aluminum furnace preheating that can solve your problem by pre-heating your transport ladles and holding furnaces!

To ensure the most efficient pre-heating, we will fully customize an adaptive cover for you.