Die casting cooling system, Jet Cooling for innovative companies!

You will optimize your casting quality and cycle time. In return, great performance and quality!

This technology was originally developed and patented by Ahresty Japan. As his close and historical partner, Lethiguel not only distributes Ahresty’s systems on selected market, but has also developed its own range of closed-circuits machines.

How does Jet Cooling work?

A hydraulic unit ensures the circulation of pressurized cooling water (from 3 to 20 bars) for a given period of time in the circuits of small diameter injectors (Ø from 1,2 to 2,8 mm) inserted in the specific core pins.

At the end of the cooling period, a pneumatic distributor injects air in the injector’s circuits to purges it. In this way, the cycle can be carried out safely without the presence of water inside the circuits.

The cooling cycle is synchronized by adjustable temporizations with the die casting machine.

jet cooling cycle

1. Cooling

First a high pressure pump sends water (up to 20 bar) in the circuits during the cooling phase. Thanks to the manifolds and specific core pins, the water is able to reach tiny areas close to aluminium.

By controlling the cooling time, the die temperature can be effectively regulated and hot spots can be removed.

2. Purging

Then compressed air fills the circuits and chase any remaining water back to the machine to make sure there is no water left in the die.

3. Leak Test

Finally, the whole installation is pressurized and the machine looks for any pressure drop that might be caused by a leakage.

Once it is ensured that there is no leak, the next cycle can be launched.

Benefits of the die casting cooling system, jet cooling:

The thermal fatigue of non-ferrous metal die-casting dies becomes more severe at higher operating service temperatures, and reducing die lifespan. In order to extend die lifespan, die design should be addressed with efficient cooling methods. Jet cooling can be used to solve most of the thermal related issues in non-ferrous die-casting:

  • Decreased cycle time
  • Scrap reduction
  • Porosity and shrinkage
  • Enhanced durability of die elements

Need more Jet Cooling’s information or explanation from our team? Allow us to explain to you in details!

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