Holding furnace Al Clean aluminium industry

Advantages of Al Clean, aluminum holding furnace :

  • 3 sizes are available: Al Clean 6500, Al Clean 3500, and Al Clean 1500
  • Low energy consumption, High heating speed furnace
  • High aluminum quality
  • Integrated degassing
  • Advance monitoring for preventive maintenance
  • Easy maintenance

Al Clean is Lethiguel aluminum holding furnace line. Designed to optimize aluminum quality and energy consumption, Al Clean uses the most efficient heating system on the market to combine a very low average energy consumption and a high heating speed. Mounted with Lethiguel ThermalPower® immersion heaters, Al Clean optimizes aluminum’s quality.

As a result of years of field experience, Al Clean is designed to reduce operation time and allows very efficient preventive maintenance.

Increase quality and efficiency with Al Clean!

Aluminium holding furnace
Aluminium holding furnace

Al Clean is best for HPDC or GDC. It can efficiently maintain your molten temperature! It combines energy-saving and high heating power.

Aluminium holding furnace

Key benefits of Al Clean, aluminum holding furnace

Smart regulation, deep monitoring, easy handle, and intuitive usability with Siemens Comfort TP1200. Monitored data are exportable on a USB flash drive.

Customized Thermal Power Heaters ® based on power needs, metal temperature, and power supply to ensure maximum heating power and the furnace’s longest lifetime possible.

Easy maintenance with a user-friendly position for rotor changes and repairs. Safety and ergonomic position for quick maintenance.

Ergonomic design for operation, cleaning, and sampling with a user-dedicated side giving easy access to heaters, thermocouples, and all aluminum baths.

High-quality refractory and insulation material for a low wall temperature (<55°C) and low convection power loss.

Integrated degassing: All-in-one solution for an optimized casting process.

Technical specifications of the aluminum holding furnace

aluminium holding furnace Al Clean specifications

Why you should use our aluminum holding furnace?

Improve your molten aluminum quality

Enhance your productivity

Reduce your energy consumption

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