Lethiguel is a French high-tech brand in thermal solutions

The company conceives, manufactures, and supplies cooling and heating solutions including die casting cooling systems, Jet Cooling, and immersion heaters to the light metal casting industry.

A team of 40 is fully dedicated to supporting and supplying challenging companies in a demanding market.

Through its innovation and commitment, Lethiguel has built an excellent reputation, and proven itself to be a reliable partner and a trustworthy solution provider for the global foundry industry.

Heating solutions

Aluminium heating solution manufacturer Twiga


Twiga is the newest Lethiguel aluminum heating station. Designed to optimize the working space and energy consumption, Twiga can be adapted to any kind of transport ladle and can be offered with degassing system thanks to an adaptive cover holder. Mounted with Lethiguel Thermal Power® aluminum immersion heaters, Twiga allows a high heating speed and low heat loss.

Aluminium holding furnace

Al Clean

Al Clean is Lethiguel aluminum holding furnace line. Designed to optimize aluminum quality and energy consumption, Al Clean uses the most efficient heating system in the market to combine a very low energy consumption and a high heating speed. Mounted with Lethiguel Thermal Power® immersion heaters, Al Clean optimizes aluminum’s quality.

Cooling solutions

Die casting cooling system manufacturing Spotcool Evolution

SpotCool Evolution

SpotCool Evolution is Lethiguel’s answer to market and technology’s latest transformations for foundry cooling equipment. This machine integrates the very essence of innovation in M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, with DCM data transmission of eight measuring points, including flow rate and pressure for each circuit, supply air and HP pump inlet pressure, and water conductivity.

Flowmeter for die casting cooling monitoring


Long experience in Jet Cooling technology helps Lethiguel to develop a FlowMaster system that allows Jet Cooling users to precisely monitor the flow condition, in real-time, and for every cooling spot. In this way, preventive maintenance becomes easier and highly predictive, thereby saving valuable resources for the die-casters, and allowing high productivity.