Jet Cooler couplers

  • Ref:AH-CO-P4-01MOF – 1 piece – Coupler for Ø4 fluorine tube
  • Ref:AH-CO-P6-01MS-OF – 1 piece – Coupler for Ø6 fluorine tube

Jet Cooler O-ring

Ref: AH-CO-P7 – 100 pieces – O-ring for Jet Cooler

Isolated revolving jet cooler

New Jet Cooler JC-HST and Jet Cooler JC-HSR allow to pull out the tube to flexible direction, due to respective rotating heads. These Jet Coolers can be attached to a die with connecting tubes, and because the base of the head comes in a semicircular shape, installation pitch is narrowed. Both types are available in Ø4, 6, 8 and 10mm, and maximum length of 1000mm.


Jet Cooler, Cooling equipment for foundry and die casting

Jet Cooler with revolving head


Jet Cooler with isolating revolving head.

Allows replacement of needle without removing jet cooler from die.

Being the first company to ever have imported Jet Cooling technology in the European market, Lethiguel has built strong know-how regarding thermal processes in non-ferrous die-casting and has been offering turnkey solutions for over 40 years now.

die casting core pin cooling system manufacturer
cooling system core pin for molten metal

Our engineering office works side by side with our customers to develop the right solution for the right application. As the historical inventor of closed circuit jet cooling, we use our great understanding of the cooling process to improve and optimize any casting application.

Being a close partner of Ahresty Techno Service Corporation, our manufacturing team has been trained in Japan, to ensure that we meet with the quality requirement of any Jet Cooling application requires.