WattMobil® a temperature maintaining solution, designed to help the following situations:

  • Furnace maintenance
  • T° rising and monitoring
  • Furnace breakdown
  • Degassing time
  • Increase furnace performance

Designed according to foundry-required standards, the WattMobil® is the perfect concentrate of an electrical high-efficiency heating rod, immersion heaters, and a dolly with an integrated electric control cabinet.

WattMobil®, ensures both efficient maintaining and rising of the temperature, using 99% of the immersion heater’s power dissipation.

Continuous use allows relief of furnace heating roof, thus helping to:

  • Notably, save energy
  • Reduce oxidation of the bath
  • Eliminate the accumulation of corundum

WattMobil® is our temperature-maintaining solution that is ideal for your furnace maintenance.

Check out our case study, and feedback from the client!

Main applications of the Wattmobil

Transport ladle

Furnace maintenance

Degassing time