Operation and utility of the flow monitoring system for cooling system

  • Goal: Detect the failing/clogging of the pipes
  • Why: Anticipate/plan the maintenance
  • How: By measuring the flow drops

The Flowmaster system can be used as a stand-alone product.

SpotCool Evolution and spotcool Performance can be connected to the FlowMaster via a Profinet* interphase

jet cooling flowmaster system

FlowMaster system will help you move from preventive to predictive maintenance

The good performance of a Jet Cooling system greatly depends on the water’s flow rate, which injected in the small diameter cooling channels. Managing and ensuring the right amount of water flow, to every cooling position, to continuously maintain an optimal cooling effect, and therefore enhance the level of productivity and castings’ quality.

Thanks to Lethiguel’s long experience in Jet Cooling technology. Lethiguel has specifically developed a FlowMaster system to enable the Jet Cooling users to precisely monitor the flow condition, in real-time, and for every cooling position.

In this way, preventive maintenance becomes easier and highly predictive, thus saving valuable resources for the die-casters, and allowing high productivity.

Principal scheme of flowmaster solution

SpotBox is a monitoring system with a remote control screen displaying flow measuring in real-time. Connectable to 8 Spot Flows, which can monitor water flow up to 64 positions.

jet cooling flow monitor spotbox

SpotBox specifications:

Specific program allowing realtime water flow monitoring, with visual graphics and precise volume measurement Possible to set up a “0 Km” nominal value, for every independent position, in order to define the optimal flow setpoint.

Possible to program 2 different sets of alarms, for every position (either in Liter/minute, or as a % of a nominal value)

Possible to save up to 99 different flow patterns, for the 64 independent positions (enabling to save preset values corresponding to different dies or parts). *Note: the profinet interface is currently available on a Siemens configuration.

SpotFlow is a measuring system, with 8 flow sensoring devices embedded in a foundry-proof casing, allowing water flows’ measurement ranging from 0,5L to 10L per minute, in 8 independant Jet Cooling circuits.

Technical features

jet cooling flowmaster