A case study in high pressure die casting industry

A development and study of a holding furnace based on technical specifications

high pressure die casting heating solutions

Aluminium holding furnace technical specifications:

Casted parts: 25kg

Dipping system: 35kg ladle

Filling system: 600kg transfer ladles

Holding capacity: 3000kg

Max Metal T°C: 700°C

Working T°C: between 650°C and 680°C

Dipping level adjustable


Easy communication with other equipment

Easy communication with operators

Easy cleaning of the bath and the whole furnace, without removing the heating system

T°C regulation +/- 2°C

High Aluminum Quality

Low electrical consumption

horizontal furnace aluminium foundry

Our solutions for temperature holding furnace:

Lethiguel, LH3000 – Holding Furnace

Capacity: 3000kg

Working capacity: 1300kg

Heating system: 3x15kW immersion heaters

Regulation system: SIEMENS PLC S7-1500, PID / PFC regulation loop


Tower lights for aluminum level + Tower lights for process status

Adjustable feet

holding furnace case study 3
holding furnace
holding furnace


The average variation is around 0.54°C and small variations (up to 6°C) occurs when the furnace is being filled. To prevent this variation it is highly recommended to fill the furnace with aluminum at the same holding temperature. The regulation objective is fulfilled with our system.

Energy consumption and temperature raise.

The furnace consumes around 18kW to hold a 680°C temperature when it is full. The extra 27kW installed can then be used to raise the temperature at 25-30°C/h (3000kg) or 40°C/h (2100kg).

temperature holding furnace

An “Eco mode” is installed to lower energy consumption during production stop. The energy saving is around 150kWh for a complete weekend stop.

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