The efficiency of production tools like immersion heaters is partly affected by the the tool’s condition. Hence, the Clean Kit is a “must have” to make sure that you are getting the best out of your equipment.


aluminium immersion heater clean kit

Peripherals for heating solutions

Immersion heater cleaner

The heater cleaner is a cleaning tool for immersion heaters. It is designed to fit the Thermal Power Heater range and assist operators in performing a proper cleaning of the heater. The better the cleaning the longest the life span.


Immersion heater cleaner
aluminium bath cleaner

Aluminium bath cleaner

The bath cleaner is a cleaning tool for the aluminum bath. It is designed to help remove dross and oxidation from the surface of your furnace or transport ladle.


Refractory wall cleaner

The wall cleaner is a cleaning tool for the refractory wall of any furnace or transport ladle. Thanks to a handy design it helps removing dross deposit from refractory walls.


Refractory wall cleaner