As Jet Cooling’s effectiveness relies on its ability to reach the die’s hot spots, core pins must be properly designed and manufactured. Lethiguel provides state of the art core pins, with a large panel of surface treatment that will ensure the best lifespan possible.

jet cooling core pins

Gas nitrided (Gray)

Surface treatment

  • Hardened surface of steel
  • General duty
  • Low cost

«Cascoat» TiN (gold)

Surface treatment

  • PCVD process, oxidation temperature 500°C
  • Protection against soldering and erosion
  • Mid Cost

TD-VC (Gray)

Surface treatment

  • Thermal diffusion process
  • Vanadium carbide coating
  • Mid Cost

PCVD-TlAiN (Black)

Surface treatment

  • Oxidation temperature 700°C
  • Best protection against soldering and erosion
  • Higher cost

P20 (Violet)

Surface treatment

  • Better anti-oxidation property, temperature over 700°C
  • Multi layer film and good adhesiveness
  • Higher Cost
jet cooling corepins