QuickCheck thermocouple advantages:

  • Instant temperature measuring response. Can be used even at the starting point
  • Internal K-Type Thermocouple removable
  • One or two measuring points in one device
  • Long-life thermocouple: A shealth warranty for 12 months (observed lifetime of over 2.5 years)
  • Length under flange available from 650mm to 1300mm
  • Non wetting SN sheath

Long life thermocouple with instant response
Extremely high temperature is required to be maintained for the melting, refining and alloying of aluminum, so it requires the application of Quickcheck technology. Accurate and instant measurement of furnaces’ temperature is needed for process control to improve product quality and production efficiency. Thermocouples are recommended in molten aluminum baths, especially where there are rapid temperature fluctuations. A QuickCheck thermocouple prevents temperature drop in the molten aluminum bath and greatly contributes to energy savings.

QuickCheck thermocouple for molten aluminium

Quickcheck® is the perfect add-on to Thermal Power® heater applications like Alclean furnaces, Twiga heating stations, and WattMobil solutions.