Die casting cooling solution manufacturer, Spotcool Evolution

Advantages of the die casting cooling solution, SpotCool Evolution:

  • 4 circuits
  • 48L/min
  • 32 core pins
  • Screen size 9″
  • 15 Measurement points

SpotCool Evolution is Lethiguel’s answer to market and technology’s latest transformations for die-casting industry thermal solutions. This cooling machine integrates the very essence of innovation in M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, with DCM data transmission of eight measuring points, including flow-rate and pressure for each circuit, supply air and HP pump inlet pressure, water conductivity, filter inlet/outlet pressure. Through deep analysis and research, transforming the SpotCool Evolution into a revolutionary machine for productivity management and quality balance for die casting industry cooling systems.

SpotCool Evolution: The revolutionary one!

jet cooling machine spotcool evolution
Manufacturer of cooling solution for foundry and die casting Jet Cooler

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