We bring to you a brand new WattMobil! A temperature maintaining solution

With better design, and greater UX

We have made a huge improvement to WattMobil, and the objective is always the same, to optimize your productivity.

What is a WattMobil?

A temperature maintaining solution, a portable electric control cabinet equipped with an electrical high-efficiency immersion heater, and a thermocouple.

It is uniquely designed accourding to foundry’s required standards, to improve your:

  • Furnace performance
  • Degassing
  • Furnace maintenance and breakdown
  • Temperature monitoring and rising

How it helps?

With the immersion heating technology, WattMobil can deliver a massive power straight into the heart of molten metal. Thus, it ensures great efficient at rising and maintaining the molten metal’s temperature!

The reason to use WattMobil?

You can precisely maintain your molten aluminium temperature, preserve your molten aluminium quality through reducing oxydation of the bath and eliminate the accumulation of corundum, then finally you can save more energy!

Have a look at this case study, it is a feedback from client!

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