Current issue:

Furnace maintenance for aluminum in high pressure die casting foundry. The furnace undergoes on a heating vault’s maintenance. Once the maintenance is completed, it takes 4 hours to heat up to the casting temperature (675°C)

Furnace’s info:

  • Furnace capacity: 1500kg
  • Casting temperature: 675°C
  • Furnace’s type: Heating Rods

Lethiguel’s solution

A temperature maintaining solution, WattMobil with a Thermal Power heater of 14kW

The heater was started at 9.40am from 636°C

wattmobil case study


Red line: With WattMobil, started at 9.40am

Blue line: Without WattMobil

Green line: With WattMobil, started from the beginning

It took 1 hour 20 minutes to reach casting temperature and restart production.

Compared to existing solution, the WattMobil reduced the maintenance time down to 2 hours and 40 mins instead of 7 hours!


By using the temperature maintaining solution during the maintenance, we could reduce the temperature drop and restart the production sooner

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