Advantages of Immersion heaters in aluminum transfer launders:

  • Heating efficiency >99%
  • Energy savings up to 50% compared to traditional heating methods
  • Temperature regulation +/-2°C (+/- 36°F)
  • Fast and smooth heating
  • Quick installation, easy maintenance

The L-Type Thermal Power® heater is quick to install and delivers the best metallurgical quality by regulating the flow temperature with a +/- 2°C accuracy.

L type aluminium immersion heater

We offer a whole range of customized solutions based on 2 standards of immersion power heater:

  • L-type thermal power heater for aluminum transfer launders process: very short mast, to fit into any launder’s standard
  • L-type thermal power heater for shallow bath level furnace: designed according to the pouring capacity

Why you should optimize your aluminium transfer launders?

  • Efficiently maintaining the molten aluminium temperature
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve molten aluminium quality

Aluminum immersion heater positioning and calibration

Every single immersion heater we install is designed according to our customer’s needs in terms of heating power, application, and purpose. Our L-type thermal power heater is identified by its unique ID number.

For an L-type thermal power heater, we take into account at least 11 parameters to calibrate an immersion heater. Our engineering bureau conceives the solution within both thermal and positioning constraints to deliver the best-customized solution.

  • Alloy type
  • Bath temperature
  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Sheath Ø
  • Minimum bath level
  • Length under flange
  • Immersed length
  • Extension type
  • K-type thermocouple
  • Horizontal length

Using an aluminum immersed heating system is the most efficient way to precisely monitor and manage the aluminum bath temperature, and therefore it can contribute to your metal quality, productivity, and energy savings.

aluminium immersion heater manufacturer
horizontal aluminium immersion heater, L type immersion heater

One of our clients has successfully solved their problems with our L-type thermal power heater, feel free to take a look at the case study!

It is uniquely designed for aluminium transfer launders and shallow bath furnace

Main applications of our immersion heater
L-type immersion heater for melting aluminium applications

L-type in transfer launder

l-type aluminium immersion heater

L-type in holding furnace