A case study in a gravity die-casting industry

One of a cast house reached out to us for an issue that they have been facing for quite some times. A temperature drop in launder of a gravity die-casting department, on the H-line. The temperature is low in the launder between the first holding furnace and a second holding furnace where the aluminum is poured.

Problem encountered by the die-casting house:

High power consumption

Low productivity

Low aluminum quality

die-casting house aluminium quality
aluminium die casting quality solution

Initial launder’s specifications:

A roof heating system

32 kW radiation

Closed lids

aluminium furnace solution

Challenges for the aluminum handling in the launder:

The aluminum temperature in launder: 611°C

The roof heating system was not able to maintain nor improve the temperature they wanted to have in the launder (from 735°C up to 780°C).

The aluminum had to spend more time in the second furnace in order to reach the right temperature in order to cast quality parts.

aluminium launder temperature holding

Our solutions for aluminium temperature holding:

2 L-type heaters of 8kW each

New lid for the launder

An electrical cabinet to regulate the L-type heaters.

aluminium die casting temperature holding solution
aluminium immersion heater study

Results for the aluminium die-casting temperature:

By providing 16kW, we are able to reach the right temperature.

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