Cooling solutions for die casting industry SpotCool Performance

Advantages of the die-casting cooling system SpotCool Performance:

  • 6 circuits
  • 150L/min
  • Up to 96 core pins
  • Screen size 12″
  • 23 Measurement points

More advanced than SpotCool Evolution! SpotCool Performance features 6 circuits, effectively cooling down 96 pins. This machine was uniquely designed for big dies, structural and complex parts. The DCM installation will benefit from great flexibility regarding core pins distribution. The number of manifolds allows excellent precision in the cooling circuits’ partition and a better distribution of cooling power.

  • Reduce scrap level drastically
  • SpotCool Performance integrates the same feature of SpotCool Evolution in terms of communications and measuring points while doubling the capacity of cooling pins in the die-casting industry.

SpotCool Performance: Double the cooling, double the productivity!

Manufacturer of cooling solution for foundry and die casting Jet Cooler

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