Case study
aluminium temperature maintaining solution for foundries, casthouse

WattMobil, temperature maintaining solution for high pressure die casting


  • Furnace maintenance
  • Temperature rising and monitoring
  • Furnace breakdown
  • Degassing time
  • Increase furnace performance
high pressure die casting cooling system

Jet Cooling for high pressure die casting

With high pressure capacity and sequential cooling, it enables leveling the die temperature and removing any hot area.


  • Cycle time
  • Scrap reduction
  • Porosity and shrinkage reduction
  • Mould’s durability
holding furnace for molten aluminium

Holding furnace for high pressure die casting

Mounted with immersion aluminium heater TP® provides the most efficient heating system on the market


  • High heating speed
  • Energy consumption
  • Aluminum quality
aluminium immersion heater manufacturer

L-type immersion thermal power heater

It is uniquely designed for shallow bath levels and in transfer launder.


  • Aluminium temperature
  • Energy consumption
  • Aluminum quality